Our Vision

Our Mission:

Connecting People Everyday to Life Changing Encounters with Jesus.

Our Values:

1. Seeing God Move
2. Real-Life Application
3. Doing Life Together
4. Next Generation Focus
5. Life on Missions

Our Measures: (These are goals we believe that each Christian should follow.) 

  • Have I been changed by God today? Because growing people change.
  • Have I prayed today? Because my best conversations are with God.
  • Am I generous with everything I have? Because I can't out-give God.
  • Am I serving where I'm needed? Because saved people serve people.
  • Have I shared Jesus with others today? Because found people find people.
  • Am I closely connected to a group? Because I can't do life alone.
  • Am I helping someone to become more like Jesus? Because we don't maintain, we multiply.

Our Strategy:

Worship - Everyone should worship at least 1 hour with fellow believers.

Belong – Everyone should have a place to belong for 1 hour a week.

Serve – Everyone should serve in a ministry that fits their Spiritual giftedness for a minimum 1 hour each week.

Where is God taking us?

We want to influence 100% of the students in k-12th grades in the Cabot public schools by reaching 10%.

What does this mean? Our focus is on the next generation. That is the youth of our community and new believers in Christ.

Vision turns your ears into eyes and your eyes into feet and your feet into action.