Invite Your Friends to Join Us

It is always great to invite your friends to join you for a service at Mount Carmel, and it's especially easy to invite them to join you online. Use one of the buttons below to send a quick invite, or reach out however you wish and send them to to check things out.

You can also grab one of these images to share on your social posts or in your Instagram or Facebook story.

You Can Be a Digital Missionary

It's easy to feel like life is on pause during an event like this, but we believe that God is still at work in and through the church body.  When thinking about how to reach out to your friends and neighbors, you may default to thinking of in-person discussions or asking them to attend a church event.  With so many who are concerned about the pandemic and the quarantines throughout the nation, we feel this is actually a great opportunity to share the hope of CHrist and invite your friends to join you at Mount Carmel's Online Campus.

A simple way to do this is to host a "Watch Party" on Facebook.  This enables you to invite your Facebook friends to a private group chat interface as you watch the Sunday worship together.  You can get started by using the "Add to Your Post" section at the bottom of Facebook's "What's On Your Mind?" window, or by following Facebook's instructions here.

Hosting Your Own Watch Party

Below is a video explaining how to host your own Watch Party on Facebook whenever Mount Carmel is live. You can check it out below.